Monday, 24 June 2013

OpenBOR modules collection


If you don't know about OpenBOR, I suggest searching for a couple of vids on Youtube. OpenBOR is a free game engine for fan-made 2D brawlers, a true heaven if you like this type of games as much as I do!

OpenBOR has been recently ported to Android, and it runs beautifully on my iDroid X360 chinese console. Latest builds are available on utunnel's (the dev in charge) Dropbox.

To celebrate this port, I've started to dust off my modules collection, and will make them available for download. Downloads are hosted on Mega (due to their size).

Here's the link to the shared folder on Mega where all mods are stored.

Below I'll list my comments about the ones that I like the most.

Title Modder Rating Description Size Link
Art of Fighting III BOR Remix Mr. Q **** Art of Fighting III remixed as a beat'em'up. Includes cutscenes, motorcycle rides, combos and special moves. Great graphics. 96.2 MB Mega
Beats of Rage Senile Team **** The original module that started it all. Basically a Streets of Rage remix with KoF characters. Quite hard. 59.8 MB Mega
Classic Fantasy v1.48 NickyP **** An action-RPG style brawler featuring deliciously retro sprites from the old FInal Fantasy titles. Nice combo system with a chain button. 86.7 MB Mega
Crisis Evil HarlemHero *** A Resident Evil themed mod. Play as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, blasting and fighting zombies, mutant dogs and other creatures. A bit amateurish, sprites have been edited and animation is so-so. Yet gameplay is great and there is some sense of survival to it. 27.1 MB Mega
Crisis Evil 2 HarlemHero **** Sequel to the first Resident Evil themed mod by HarlemHero. Play as Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. This mod is much more refined than its previous installment, animation and sprites are neat. 69.2 MB Mega
Night Slashers X BonusJZ ***** My all-time favorite module! A remake of the arcade Night Slashers. Polished fighting system, hordes of zombies and gallons of blood! 104.7 MB Mega
Night Slashers X 99x99 BonusJZ **** An edit that gives the players 99 lives and 99 credits! A.k.a Easy Mode 104.7 MB Mega

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